The Executive Lifestyle


The Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge


799 Aristocrat Ct.

​Suite 6

Simpsonville, KY 40067

Phone: (502) 722-8642



Monday:1pm - 10pm

Tuesday - Closed -
Private parties only

Wednesday - Thursday:

1pm - 10pm

Friday-Sunday: 1pm - 10pm

At The Executive Cigar Lounge we have the ability to cater to all of your cigar enjoyment needs.  With the purchase of a locker you can keep your own private stock of cigars as well as a beverage of your choice, so when you arrive you can grab a drink, a cigar, and relax.

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Executive Cigar


Passion, Service & Expertise are what separates Executive Cigar from other establishments. 


With the team of Gary Rivoli, Chuck Cash, and Curtis Critchfield in place, we have put tremendous effort into making  Executive Cigar Lounge a place where anyone that is interested in cigars whether a novice or an aficionado can come to enjoy a premium cigar with other like minded people. 


Executive Cigar thrives on the connection a cigar can bring to a group of people.  Some refer to it as a Brotherhood.  We welcome each and every person that comes into the shop as a member of the family.

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